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South Political Promises

Once upon a time, the meteorologists have had exclusive right to spread out wrong information to public. By the time being, on the list come more and more professions. One of the most notorious are the politicians. Like meteorologists, they deliberately and seriously, with a propensity for being incorrect, offer stories to the audience. Tomorrow is a new day, time for new stories, who will know what we have promised?

The public should know what politician have said. The media have an obligation to remind the audience about that. If the public knows who is “meteorologist” and who is not, they could make the right decision on elections. From another side, the politicians, warned by the media, will take care about own words.


In Slavic mythology, Perun is the god of thunder and lightning. Similar to him is PERUN system, software which  helps “whistleblowers” to be very loud and highlighting. On this point of Serbian political life it is very dangerous for public sector workers to openly pinpoint corruption, which they witnessed. Thus, PERUN is necessary to fight with corruption and malversations. Without accurate information from inside such struggle is impossible. Citizens have high level of confidence in Juzne vesti trustworthy and use PERUN to initiate a lot of stories.

New Media Project

South Serbia deserves media capable to cover most important local events and happenings. Juzne vesti combines modern technologies in view of information distribution. Web site, Face book and Tweeter, connected together, give to readers and follower great opportunity to be entirely, trustworthy and reliable informed.

It is nice to open conventional newspapers. However, new media concept, related to the internet, offer faster and more accurate information. Moreover, public have opportunity to give feedback and comment a news, what is real democratization of media.

Future connection and merge with video and audio channels over the Internet will give to Juzne vesti leading position among Shout Serbian media.

I have Right to Know

Brief test:

  1. Do you know who is owner of tax money?
  2. Do you know who is spending the tax money?
  3. Do you know how tax money has been spent?
  4. Do you believe that tax money has been spent according to low?
  5. Do you believe that part of tax money is going to someone’s pocket?

If you have at list one answer “NO”, you should be part of “You have right to know” project. Citizens should know who, when, why, where and how spending their money. If we know that, decision makers will take more care about own conduct.