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Blogomaniа is regional conference dedicated to blogs and blogging. In addition, the conference is covering Internet creativity at all.

The first Blogomania took place on Stara planina, in 2012, and draw together more than 400 participants.

This year, Blogomania 2013 will take place from November 28th to December 1st on Kopaonik mountain. The Blogomania 2013 main topic would be online content in fields of blogs, digital marketing, public relations and social networks.

Focal point of conference will be questions of content: What is good content, How to generate content, Good practice examples etc.

We would like to share regional and international experience in the successful story creation, both from individuals and corporations. Recent trends in marketing have been connected to storytelling. Blogomania 2013 will give explanation of new terms and concepts, with clear distinction between storytelling and lying.

Great names of regional and international blogging and marketing will share their knowledge and experience with participants, through various forms of presentations. Proven experts, as Dave Trott, Istok Pavlovic, Kresimir Macan, Milos Ciric, Borislav Miljanovic, and many others are the best warranty for effectual brain storming.

Beside of the expert lectures, Blogomania 2013 will include workshops, panels and many less formal activities. Therefore, we expect the “Kings of Content”on Kopaonik – The Books of Knjige, Montenegro;, Serbia; Marko Somborac and Dragoljub Ljubicic-Micko. They produced very interesting contents, published in the media, but, moreover,  their products have high Internet popularity.

NIIT and Simplicity proudly support Blogomania 2013, with high expectations. Blogging is a way of life and thinking. Share your thoughts and experience with us. See you on Kopaonik!