We do Amazing things
that bring positive results

Society Innovation Center – NIIT (Centar za društvene inovacije „NIIT“ – in Serbian), is voluntary, nongovernmental and nonprofit association, established in 2007, in Nish, Southern Serbia.

As founders of NIIT, we have an idea to support society development, through the innovative tools and means.  Theatre of the association work and interest are not only the Republic of Serbia, but also countries from Balkans region as well as from whole Europe.

NIIT and its member have been concerned to fulfill the vision and mission, proposed on foundation. Independence, democracy, objectivity, curiosity, innovative approach, and others, clearly mark the NIIT’s core values. For the best execution of our work, we have strategy, aimed to our goal accomplishment.

Since 2007, NIIT has conducted several projects, intended to the society development. Our partners recognized NIITs capacity for such mission and supported following projects:

Partners and supporters in realization of mentioned projects were USAID, IREX, NED, UNDP, EESTEC, and others.

From early beginnings, NIIT was not “members only” club. We have been open for everyone, ready to support our work for a better society. New ideas, new visions, and new hand to help our efforts, are mostly welcome. If you interested to support own community, help to others, develop skills, offer some ideas, do not hesitate, and contact us.


Society Innovation Center-NIIT vision is modern, democratic, tolerant, multicultural, and transparent, toward EU oriented Serbian society, with educated, well-informed, active, and IT skilled citizens.

Civil society development is a milestone of our future. It is a clear fact that Serbian citizens should have more knowledge about democracy, and own role in society improvement. Overall, the political system is still fragile, with some retrograde tendencies. Thus, Serbian society needs persistent and tenacious effort on its development. Mainstream political structures should do the main part of this work. However, there is very important role of citizens association and NGO’s. NIIT is ready to accept such duties, and fulfill own vision.


To achieve the vision of future Serbian society, NIIT has defined own mission.  One of the most important parts of the mission is contribution to civil society improvement , through citizens informing and education about democracy and public institutions. Also, NITT supports groups, associations and individuals, who works on civil society ideas spreading. A tool for democratization strengthening is a citizens incitement for more active and wider involvement in the decision making process. NITT has been involved in the fight against corruption, lack of transparency and other societal challenges. To do that, NITT strongly promote investigative journalism and  support  whistleblowers.

The areas of human rights, tolerance, peace, dialog and  nonviolent conflict resolution are, as well, very important parts of our mission. Moreover, we encourage multiculturalism and enhancement  of inter-ethnic  relations.

In the field of economics, our mission is to improve and extend sense for business, spreading information about current possibilities. That includes education of  young people about global IT trends and use of modern IT technologies in business.

NITT is always open for dialog  and contribution in the process of EU standards accomplishment and adoption.

Last, but not least, is our readiness for mutual work with both institutions and individuals, who share our values and visions.

Tools and Means

To achieve our goals and fulfill the mission, we are using specific tools and means. Contact with citizens is one of our focal objectives. Therefore, we have organized numerous performances, workshops, consultations, presentations, sessions, meetings, educations, briefings, and various gatherings.

NITT participates in competitions for projects and carries out the project activities, related to the association objectives.

We are very proud concerning support, organization and conduct of the scientific researches and projects.

To reach our goals we have established and maintained cooperation with Universities, associations, organizations and other similar institutions, both in Serbia and abroad.


In an attempt to achieve desirable goals with the use of obtainable means, NITT developed own strategy.

Realized projects and other activities give us possibility to reflect back and understand what has made the impacts in the past. From that source and from day-to-day issues we are trying to see the big picture for the upcoming topics. For us, strategy is about shaping the future.

Contacts with a wide variety of stakeholders are very important for NITT. Hence, we listen to them and build up good mutual relations.

NITT members work as a team and use the specific individual expertise to reach proposed goals. To ensure as one pulling, we have considered coherence and planning.

Through the strategy, we proposed a way of thinking intent of finding where to focus energy and sources, for maximization of own potentials.