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The Kulina site is available to visitors after 1,500 years

The archeological site of Kulina in the village of Gradište in the municipality of Merošina will again be available for visitors, but this time, they will be able to “walk” through the site via 3D animation, thanks to the project of the National Library.

“Near Merošina, there is the historical-archaeological site of Kulina, which dates from the 6th century AD, from the time of the Roman Empire and the famous Emperor Constantine, who was born in Nis and by recognizing Christianity, forever inscribed Nis, Serbia in the cultural map of the world. The head of Empress Theodora was found in Kulina. Visitors are also interested in this site, but it is so devastated, collapsed, even though it was discovered 40 years ago, that there is nothing to see there, “said the director of the National Library in Merošina, Miloš Milošević

The project is co-funded by EU through the Interreg-IPA CBC Bulgaria–Serbia Programme.

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