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Herbarium exhibition were held in botanic community center in Trupale

The opening of the herbarium exhibition was held at the community center in Trupale, on 10th March. Visitors had the opportunity to see this exhibition in the community center until 16th March.

The exhibition is part of the cross-border project “For everyone who saved a tree”.

The project aimed to involve young people and experts from Bulgaria and Serbia in joint activities and promote the importance of the environment as a key factor for the sustainable development of the cross-border region between the two countries.

At the opening of the exhibition, experts from the field of ecology and botany addressed the visitors and shared their experiences from this project. In addition to the experts, the opening of the exhibition was attended by several project participants who had the opportunity to see what the herbarium they made in previous activities looks like.

This project is organized by the NIIT Center for Social Innovation from Nis, together with “YMDRAB” from Bulgaria as well as the Forest Institute. The project is co-financed by the European Union through the Interreg-Ipa Bulgaria-Serbia Cross-Border Cooperation Program.